Wednesday, December 2, 2009


These are some photos I took in Texas with the (not-fancy) camera on my (not-fancy) phone:

 This creature measured 4 inches and hung out on the window the whole week.

My sister's new puppy Cesar weighs less than one pound and was so cute that none of us really got mad about "potty incidents" (shown here with my niece, sister and Santa Bear in background).

Me, just before I drove to Atlanta, TX for Mimmi's funeral.

This is one of many art installations at the George Bush International Airport in Houston, TX.  It is a cow in a space suit holding a Texas flag and some sort of ray gun.  Not pictured, the statue of George Bush Sr, hair and jacket blowing in the wind.

I sat next to a guy named Freddy on the plane from Phoenix to Portland last night.  He's a manager at a contracting company in Salem.  He drives a "Beemer" but has a Lincoln Navigator with a very expensive sound system and 26-inch wheels in his garage for special occasions.  One tire for 26 inch wheels costs $750. He had to loan the Navigator to his ex-wife so she could drive their 2 children (boys aged 7 and 8) around while he was visiting his mother in Mexico.  "The Ex-Wife" cannot drive a stick so she could not drive the "Beemer" while he was gone.  He never takes the Navigator out after 8pm.  I know 2 hours worth of other facts about Freddy but I'll leave it at that.  He was nice and thought it was funny that I bought a beer on the plane.
I DJ tonight at Fame (aka Gay Pizza) at Portsmith Pizza Pub.  I'm going to play Dark Wave and some Southern Hip Hop.  Weird combo, I know.

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  1. 1. wow your sister is hot.
    2. freddy sounds hilarious.
    3. why aren't you writing in your blog lately?